CHIBI Fighters

Chibi Fighters  – blockchain game running on to the TRON Network

Chibi Fighters is an action-packed, multi-style fighting game, with a vast marketplace filled with gear,armor, potions and weapons to prepare your Chibi Fighter for battle!

Fighters features an online multiplayer module that allows you to team up with friends to form a
clan and conquer Chibi Island together.

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Fully Animated Action

All 6 billion + Chibi combinations are animated.We use proprietary server-side technology, based
on the popular PIXI framework, creating the ability to play Chibi Fighters on any device with no plugins needed.

Earn Real Crypto Currency

Players can earn in various ways.
Individual and multi-player battle winners are rewarded in TRX. Other in-game contests and minigames can also earn rewards. Players who own Chibi Fighters with special talents or skills can also earn rewards for allowing others to “fuse” with their Chibi Fighter.

CHIBI Fighters

Executive Overview

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Our TRON Presale of Founders Chibis (FCF) tokens was over in record time. Currently, we have Early Bird Chibi Fighter tokens for sale and those tokens are limited. Base token Chibi Fighter tokens will be available upon game launch. Owning an Early Bird Chibi Fighter (CBE) token grants access to a spectacular welcome package of exclusive gear and weapon choices only available to FCF and CBE owners.These choices will not be made available after game launch. For instance, CBE Chibi Fighters will come with an in-game pet Dragon who no doubt will help its master in the battle for supremacy on Chibi Island! Q4..

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As a whole, one might call us the trashy underdog, but we are committed to bringing players a fun
game to continuously entertain! We value the voice of our players and most of Chibi Fighters is based on community feedback and involvement. We would never be where we are if it wasn’t for all the awesome people in the Chibi community.

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CHIBI Fighters 

Chibi Fighters are a TRC-20 token. Ownership, DNA and various other stats are stored on the blockchain. Other data resides in our server system. That allows for free gameplay and avoids costs or other blockchain related fees we feel game players shouldn’t have to worry about. Players can fuse with other Chibis and earn TRX. If a player owns a Chibi Fighter with special characteristics, other players may pay for the opportunity to fuse with your Chibi! There is a cost, however. The more times a Chibi is used for a fusion, the longer it will take for that Chibi to return to battle. This “downtime” phase is called an “exhaust” period. The maximum number of exhaust time is currently capped at 14 days per Chibi Fighter.

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They yield various benefits or penalties throughout the game. You can inherit them via fusions. For example, Boss Chibis have unique traits no other Chibi can have, however they can offer them for fusion and if you are lucky you can inherit a trait. This allows for players to make some nice TRX since the minimum price of a fusion is currently 5$ of which 80% goes to the player that offers them.

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To battle gas prices and other expenses, players have no interest in, we wrote our own off-chain solution.A sidechain is a fancy word that just puts overhead on a well-established system, so we skipped that altogether and went back to centralized database structures for mechanics that don’t make sense to be on-chain. Servers run on backups precise to the minute and are constantly tested by 2 hired hackers for security breaches. You can buy TRXCrystals. This off-chain currency can be swapped back to TRX any time. Minimum payout is 3 TRXCrystals.

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Every month we take 20% of our profits and put them in the Crystal Cave. Players can complete daily tasks, some of which are free, but some will require a fee. E.g. buy a TRON chest or participation in a mini-game. Players are rewarded with gems for completing those tasks. These gems can be put in the Crystal Cave and, depending on their contribution share, they receive TRX Shards once the Crystal Cavecontents are distributed. This occurs every 7 days.


Chibi Figthers CURRENCIES 

There are various in-game currencies available in Chibi Fighters.Coins for example drop all over the place, they are used for non-premiumitems like potions or prerequisites for adventures. On the other hand,we have TRXCrystals, our off-chain currency that you can swap for realTRON anytime you like.
TRXCrystals, TRXShards

32 TRXShards = 1 TRXCrystal = 10 TRX

Combining shards or breaking down crystals doesn’t cost anything.
Shards are the smallest currency we have. Shards are
used for battles over TRON or premium items.
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Coins are fully off-chain and are used for non-premium items like potions and dungeon prerequisites. They drop all over the place and are fairly easy to come by.
While not a real currency, they are still very valuable since they are needed for the cave share.The more gems you add to the cave, the higher your TRX share in the crystal cave.
Glass shards
The glass shards are obtained by restocking the Shady Merchant. It is unknown what this rare shard might do. Possible future use is buying weapon crates or other scarce items.
Early Bird Token CBE
Total supply
Early bird presale running
17624 Left
BUY CHIBI Figters NOW! Early Bird Token CBE are disponible
Chibi Fighters are fierce little warriors that know no mercy.
FCF/CBE info - Details about founders and early bird fighters

Discover more about CHIBI Fighters
Game description

Founder Chibi Fighters (FCF)

No longer available, presale ended

Founders are unique Chibi Fighters that were available during pre-sale. They come with legendary weapons and unique traits. Being Gen0 and rarity that varies from common to legendary makes them a steal. Rarity has a big impact on cooldown times and other benefits throughout the game.

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Early bird Chibi Fighters (CBE)

With Founder presale concluded in record time we will fill the created void by selling early bird Chibi Fighters.

They are great little warriors and as thank you come with the Early Bird trait and a welcome package for each Chibi Fighter.

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Welcome Packages

Only FCF or CBE owner can claim welcome packages. They will not be available for Chibis bought after presale ends.
Content of them includes:

  • One Gen0 Chibi Fighter
  • Presale exclusive pet dragon
    A fellow companion joining your battles. Pets can’t fight, but it will come with a surprise or two.
  • Early bird trait
    It is similar to the Founder trait which grants lots of bonus on cooldowns and various places in the Chibi universe. But it is not as strong as a Founder trait.
  • One equippable item from the chosen gear set
    Similar to the Ring of Discord for our Ethereum players
  • Free weapon
    Just like Founders they come with a random free weapon. It can be common to mythic.
  • Free fun weapon
    The mythic Lollipop will be handed to CBE and FCF owner on tokenswap. It won’t be available after presale.
  • Consumables
    Various potions, including the hunter potion, coins and bounties.
  • Each Chibi can claim 1 package
    Not per account, per Chibi
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Price per CBE 1000 TRX

Founders in a nutshell

Fantastic value
Free Legendary weapon
Traits unique to Founders
Including Founder trait, fantastic benefit on cooldowns
Fusion Counter 0
Normal Chibis start with 2. Incredible low penalty on creating new Chibi
Founder badge
Optional Founder Glow

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Great investment

An unparalleled amount of players got their investment back in no time.

After pre-sale only normal Gen0 Chibis can be bought from our website. They will be more expensive then Founders.

Since Founders come with a legendary weapon you will be able to claim this, too. It’s a free legendary weapon which is also exclusive to founders. No other Chibi can claim these weapons.

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