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Breeding Game -The Blockchain Technology

Crypto Cannabis is a blockchain technology housed DAPP (Decentralized Application) Game. The game begins by creating the gene plants of smart contract “Legacy Landrace Strains” by utilizing the TRON Foundation cryptocurrency (TRON TRX) and PotCoin Cryptocurrency. These plants are obtained by mining the TRC20 Smart Contract strain types with SativaGeneSeed and IndicaGeneSeed TRC10 tokens depending on the smart contract strains GeneSeed genetic makeup. These TRC10 strains are then integrated into game play.


ITO (Initial Token Offering)

The ITO will progress with a soft cap of 2,750,000 TRX to fund the development team building the back end of the game engine and deployment of the TRC20 mineable smart contract strain types. CryptoCannabisGame (CCGX) Mutual Fund Game Shares will begin trading and listing upon the TRXMarket ring Q1 2019. Upon full game development completion of beta testing and live launch there will be new game additions issued out in development to bring more in depth game play that will be very interesting to game players and new rare smart contract TRC20 mineable strains being developed and available to be mined (grown) to be obtained and profited from owning and selling.



The Crypto Cannabis Game offers an investment vehicle of game shares to those whom would like to invest into the game while not directly having to play the game. The way this benefits this type investor is that shareholder whom buy shares in the form of CryptoCannabisGame (CCGX) TRC10 tokens. CCGX enacts as the indicator of a share holders investment vehicle based on their wallet holdings volume of shares.

Crypto cannabis

Exercised as a mutual fund piece, shareholders receive a quarterly percentage return of the Crypto Cannabis Game’s pooled profits. Payments  accepted in exchange for CCGX shares of the Crypto Cannabis Game are TRON (TRX), and or TronEuropRewardCoin (TERC).

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Each quarter ending starting in 2019 share holders will receive TRON TRX in returns based upon their wallets holdings of CCGX shares, along with 25% of the total games profits will also be allocated out at a complete divisional rate between all share holders wallets. Once the game is beta tested and operational in its full launch and deployment the quarterly 25% game profits will be allocated out after its full first quarter of operation.

The CryptoCannabisGame (CCGX) TRC10 token will also enter into the open market cryptocurrency exchanges of further availability and liquidity of its valuation management long
term. With more buyers in the open markets apart from the initial token offer sale of the game
mutual shares hold space for a valuation increase.

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There are several investment packages to choose from that carry rewards and good ROI (return on investment incentives)- Custom Strain Name Offerring: Only 50 Offerring’s In All:

Initial 25,000 TRX / TERC Equivalent

Crypto Cannabis Game

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