Game of Trons

 Game of Trons is Trading Card Game


We Are Programmer, Designer and Animators from Germany. We are working for Industries since 17 Years. We love decentralization. And we love TRON (TRX).  Game of Trons would be a milestone for the TRON community.

Addictiveness Guaranteed. Game of Trons will be Free-To-Play without needed to signing up. In-App-Purchases will be: new card sets. New characters. And tournament funds.
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Game of Trons  looks like a TOP Game from the industry. It´s stratey new than other Trading Card Games. You can play fast with friends and without long waiting time. On Step 2 Founded, we bring a animated great story.
All Cards are running on Blockchain. They are limited and can not be duplicated. On Full Founded. We Build a Full Shop System in the Game where you can buy and sell Cards. Buy Packs and Tickets to the Tournaments (with Pots like Poker Tournaments). Avatar Skins and a lot more  .
On Full Founded. We hire Top Drawer from Industry to Draw Special Cards. Would not it be cool if only you had a card from a celebrity draftsman.

We love Trading Card Games and we Love Blockchain. Game of Trons is a game that’s totally different and not a clone of Magic. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with our game.

We designed a Game that you play completly different. Here are many reasons why you must invest on Game of Trons.
The Game of Trons  ICO

We are an indie company and already started with the basic programming. We need your invest to boost this Game to a new level.

When we reach Softcap 1: We publish a trading card game that is really Fun. With a non animated Story. With normal standard cards.

Game of Trons
Game of Trons
GameofTronsHolderToken (GoTH)

There is a total of 5 billion GameofTronsHolderToken (GoTH) (TRC10 Token)

 60% GoTH (3 billion) used for ICO (not sold token  will  be burned)
– 20% GoTH (1 billion) used for the Founding Team(frozen for 12 months, then issued over 20  months)
– 20% GoTH (1 billion) used for Marketing and  Exchange Listings

Benefits of GoTH:
50% of all profits after Game release (Booster Packs, Tournaments, Shopsystem) will be send monthly to the token holders( Holders will be rewarded in proportion to the amount they hold to the circulating supply)

The Game of Trons

When we reach Softcap 2: We Build a shop system behind the Game. Cards are enhanced by special cards and are more detailed Drawn

Play weekly tournaments and earn tokens and became a Pro Gamer. Build an expanded shop system with many more features.. Full Game of Trons Live TV Tournaments is a Option. The Game is Optimized for Mobile Devices.

Game of Trons
Prices after ICO

For every GoTH you hold you will receive 1 GoT Token when the Game goes Live(GoTH stays in your wallet for monthly payouts). They will be used for in Game purchases. Price for 50 GoT will be 1 TRX in the Shopsystem. So you pay only half of the price by taking part in the ICO.

Token System

The Game of Trons use  TRX10 token

1 TRX =1TERC=100GOTHolder


Depending on the hight of your total investment, you will have specials shown at the bottom of the page. All higher packages include all packages with lower Investments.


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