Timer Guard Box

Time is best Lock&Key
Timer Guard Box
Timer Guard Box

Conceptual application schema

Timer Guard Box is a multifunctional platform for storing valuable information. The main principle of operation is closing and opening of information using the time.

For simpler perception, you can call it timer. Or draw an analogy with a time capsule. Any object that is placed in the box will be available at the specified time. At the same time, ensuring the exact, guaranteed fulfillment of the condition opening the box will be the blockchain network.

Since today, this is undoubtedly a revolutionary solution, such a category of information security problems as the integrity or authenticity of Integrity.

The box itself will be a container that will contain various kinds of information and have the following parameters:

Timer Guard Box
The content is the information that we need to save: text, video, audio, photo and other files.
Timer Guard Box
Addresse or recipient
Adresse or recipient of the opened box. The method of notification and delivery of information
Timer Guard Box
Public, publicly available description of the contents of a closed box
Image module
Opening date
Time settings Period of opportunity and conditions for changing the opening date of the box. This is a rather important parameter, the key feature of which is the possibility of shifting the date of opening the box with information only forward in time (hereinafter this position will be described in more detail).
Timer Guard Box
Estimated cost
Estimated cost of the box, as an additional option. Set the price for early opening of the box.

Tokenization and economy

 of the project
Timer Guard Box
Timer Guard Box  will be provided with its own TGB token
Face value 20 TGB = 1 TERC/TRX
Timer Guard Box
The payment of dividends to holders of tokens is provided . The minimum number of tokens that is needed to obtain a portion of the profits from sales of services and services is 2500000 TGB.
Timer Guard Box
The project Timer Guard Box one-time released 3 000 000 000 TGB
tokens, which go on sale from the moment of creation.

Technical aspects of the app (will be updated)

To create the box, the user will need to spend 5000 TGB.

In this case, at the time of creation, the token will be frozen. The token remains frozen until a data disclosure condition occurs. After the information is opened and all the conditions are met, the token will be available for use again. In the event that the box received the status of permanent information hiding, the token will be burned, access to the token will be impossible.

In addition, as you expand the functions of the application, additional paidptions will be created.

The funds earned from the sale of services will be spent on the maintenance of the project, payment for the work of the attendants, development of the application.

Primary distribution of tokens:

TGB - primary distribution to potential users as an airdrop
TGB - reserved for private sale to institutional investors.
TGB - reserved for paying team members
TGB - go to the exchanges

Use Cases

Such a schematic description of Timer Guard Box does not provide a complete picture of the capabilities and functions of this platform. Therefore, we suggest you to acquaint yourself with the description of the possible examples of using the application below. That will give a clearer picture of the work of the Timer Guard Box.

Are you a real holder? Are you going to store coins for several years?  Create a box and set the time to access the wallet. Timer Guard Box will give you access at the exactly designated time. If this moment has not come,  you could still have the opportunity to accumulate coins in this vault without worrying about the security of your private keys anymore.

Do you use cryptocurrency? Probably you keep your keys in secret. Write down on paper,keep cryptocurrency on a cold wallet. Have you ever had cases when you lost your private key and with it access to your money? Sheet of paper was spoiled. A cold wallet was stolen. The hard drive was destroyed. Perhaps you have seen funny situations in modern films and TV shows when the characters are looking for the lost wallets with cryptocurrency at the dump. Yes, it’s really fun, until it happens to you. With the Timer Guard Box help, such problems will stop to disturb you. You will have the opportunity to create a box in which you place your access keys, it will be stored in the blockchain.
In the Timer Guard Box, you will indicate that once a month (optional) you will receive a message with a link, using which you confirm that everything is in order and the date of opening the box will be moved further in time. If you miss several confirmations (optional), this private key will be sent to you at the specified address at the specified time. There is no other way to open the private key box. Let’s imagine that you have lost your key and there is no way to restore it. In this case, you stop confirming incoming requests from Timer Guard Box and a month later (optional) after the last request, your key will come to your e-mail address. In this example, it works like this. You have created a box in which you placed your private key and indicated when it will be opened. In each subsequent message with a confirmation request, the date of opening is transferred to the future for a specified period. Thus, Timer Guard Box as if pings you and in case of not receiving a response from you, the box opening mechanism starts.

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your crypto wallets and money if you suddenly lose your capacity as a result of an accident? Do your relatives know what a cryptocurrency is, how to use it, and in general that you have it? If something happens to you will your money be gone? To solve this kind of problem, you can use Timer Guard Box. Put the data in the box with your private keys. Create detailed instructions on what to do with this information. Specify contact details of proxies, relatives or loved ones. Specify the way the message will be delivered (sms, e-mail, phone call). After that, you will begin to receive a message once a month (optional) with a link, clicking on which will confirm that everything is fine with you. If Timer Guard Box does not receive a message from you, the mechanism for opening the box with information on the previously specified parameters will start.

 Perhaps you have the information that you need to deliver to interested parties if something happens to you and you do not get in touch? Put the secret information in the box. Start the timer. At the appointed time, you will receive a notification with a link that confirms that everything is fine with you and the sending of information will be canceled. But if you do not get in touch, the data from the box will be sent to the adrese.

Do you have a message that you want to send to the future of humanity, friends, and perhaps yourself? Put the message in the box. Specify the date when it will be opened. Specify who should receive your
message and Timer Guard Box will deliver it.

The box with the price of early opening. Do you have information that is valuable? Box valuable content in the box. Create a description of the contents of the box. Specify the cost of early opening the box. If your information finds a buyer, you will receive payment, and the buyer will receive the contents of the box using Timer Guard Box platform.

We will Transfer on your adress the TGB Tokens. The transfer of the purchased Token into the Wallet you used for the payment (do not send from exchange) will start after softcap is reached. If reaching softcap will fail, all your investments will be send back into your wallet.